Best 6 Simple PowerPoint Templates for Your Presentation

We are often faced with the desire for simple and clear explanations. This need is relevant in all possible spheres of our lives. Its growing urgency has recently been associated with the active development of a large number of topics and industries in the digital world. We come across unfamiliar words more and more often and have to look for a simple explanation amid a sea of ​​complex, obscure terms and articles.

The need for simplification also affected the field of graphic design, especially its informational part. For example, priorities have changed in choosing design solutions for creating presentations, as one of the main tools of informing. Now the main criterion by which the graphic content of the slides is chosen is its simplicity, comprehensibility, and balance.

Presentations with a lot of colors, icons, and overly elaborate animations are rarely used, although they used to be a staple in the market. However, creating a simple design with a well-balanced elements like an infographic is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. This requires a lot of knowledge and practice, as any mistakes in the placement of text or incorrect selection of colors are very noticeable within the confines of minimalist slides. That is why we have selected a few tips that will help you achieve a simple and clear result.

  1. Don’t be afraid of emptiness on the slides. The key condition for success on the way to a simple and stylish presentation is sharpness. Don’t be afraid to leave a lot of blank space on the slide. It is better to add fewer details and graphic elements than to overload the presentation with unnecessary text or photos. A large number of elements is more difficult to balance, but it is easy to create a beautiful slide with a few key parts.
  2. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. We often strive to control all work processes, but we should not do unnecessary work. There are many platforms like  where you can easily find ready-made presentations. Use an already created template, and spend the saved time on high-quality text content.
  3. Trust PowerPoint. For a better result, it is sometimes worth expanding your knowledge about the functionality of the editors available to you. To get a simple but effective presentation, try using previously unknown functions, such as PowerPoint themes. They keep all the slides in the same color scheme and allow you not to think about choosing the right shades.
  4. Get inspired by other works. Before starting to create your presentation, we recommend viewing templates or ready-made examples. This will help you find more ideas and determine which techniques you like. Whenever possible, look at the work of designers and borrow their ways of balancing elements on a slide. In this way, you will create for yourself an approximate picture of the desired presentation and get a clearer result.
  5. Don’t make the presentation boring. Simplicity is not always about the complete absence of interesting design and only minimalistic steps. Simple presentations can easily be made interesting with the help of non-standard color combinations, a well-chosen style of graphic elements, and special fonts. In simple ppt templates, one or two such techniques are usually chosen, which compensate for the empty parts of the slides with their active appearance.

We’ve mentioned these magical simple templates twice. However, we understand that it is not so easy to find them among thousands of others loaded with various elements and photos. That is why we created this selection of simple templates that are ideal when you need a quick and clear presentation.

MONA – Media Kit Powerpoint Template

This stylish template offers 25 unique slides with a minimalist and simple design. Using it, you can quickly compile the necessary statistics, present your brand or talk about any topic. All icons are vectors, so you can easily change their sizes, shapes, and colors. The template is available for saving in various formats and also guarantees free functionality updates. You can edit anything in this presentation to suit your needs.

Simple PowerPoint Templates

Clean Cool Style Pitch Deck Template 2022: Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote

If you are starting to develop your startup, then this template is a real find. 21 professionally created slides will provide you with the opportunity to design any topic and meet all the needs of a young team. Freely edit slides and look for the perfect solutions for your vision, products, and other brand components. Ready-made graphic elements will help you easily design any analytics, statistics, maps, strategy, and goals.

Simple PowerPoint Templates

EZRA Business Minimal Template

This presentation offers 30 ready-made slides, each of which has a unique layout. The template is easy to edit and personalize using a library of 1300 Shape Icons. Each slide is available in full-screen format and provides users with free Google fonts. In addition, the template includes useful mockups that can be personalized as you want and get a unique presentation.

Simple PowerPoint Templates

Lemo Business Minimal Template

Another minimalist template that is perfect for any business or presentation of your project. It includes as many as 50 interesting slides with unique fonts, icons, diagrams, and mockups. The presentation supports widescreen and versions for keynote and Google slides. Each element of the template is easily editable, you can change the shape, size, and color as you wish. In addition, there is enough space on the slides to add your photos and even the Drag&Drop function is available.

Simple PowerPoint Templates

POLA – Powerpoint Design Template

An extremely stylish and modern template that will be ideal for all your requests and will allow you to experiment with shapes and colors. All graphic elements of which there are more than 500 are vector and easily editable. 55 unique slides support Full HD format and are periodically updated for free. To change the image in the finished form, simply drag and drop in placeholders.

Windez Simple Professional Powerpoint Template

This template can be considered a universal tool for business in any field. The set of functions that are available here will satisfy the needs of a creative agency, a startup, as well as a personal portfolio. All 38 slides are easy to edit and change according to your wishes. Graphic elements are variable, so they are also easily subject to changes in color and shape. The template has a clear structure with all the necessary sections and layouts.


Creating a simple presentation may not seem like a difficult task at first. However, it is not so easy to successfully balance all the elements and not overload the slides. That is why it is worth relying on ready-made simple templates, which were worked on by professionals in their field. You can always edit it as you wish and in the end, you will get a simple and modern presentation. 

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