Blanter Craft Blogger Template

Blanter Craft Blogger Templateis perfect For Personal Blogs Sites, Modern and fully responsive (try resizing your browser), And Blanter Craft Looks Cool And Sophisticated You Can Have Fun On The Run By Posting News, articles, Tube Videos, Photos, Links and more.
Author: IdBlanter
Basic Instruction: How to Install Blogger Template
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  1. Ples how can i edit this Templet

  2. Though am new in blogger, I have been downloading temples, but the day I got into here am so happy. I need your help of so many parts in blogger.

    Contact, Privacy-Policy, About, Sitemap, etc


    • It’s very simple, just go to blogger dashboard>> Template>> Edit HTML and search for “ul id=’footer-menu” without quotes and there are links of contact us, privacy policy and some other pages that you want to change so simply replace them with your own.

  3. Second:
    How to add site logo,

    • Go to blogger dashboard>> Layout>> and you can see header section simple click on blue text “Edit” and one popup window will appear, now click on “Choose file” and upload you logo. Select “Instead of Title and Description” from below options and after making these changes, simply click on orange “Save” button and now your logo is successfully uploaded.
      if you face any other problem then feel free to ask here.

  4. Yeah, thanks for your previous help, am working it out.
    Please don’t be offended that i ask too much question, like i said before am new in blogger.
    My next Question is, how can i make use of menu or how can i link to this Menu/Drop down-Menu?

    Here there are:-
    Menu 1
    Menu 2
    Menu 3
    With Sub Menu
    Error 404


  6. Please mention your blog url so we can help you easily however for enabling comments in blogger follow below steps.

    Go to Blogger Dashboard>> Setting>> Post and Comments and select “Embedded” under Comments and click on “Save”. Now your blog comments system will start working and your comments appeared same as you can see on banter craft.

    free free to ask if you faced any other problem.

  7. My next Question is, how can i make use of menu and it’s submenu or how can i link to this Menu. I haven’t make use of that because i can’t find it in my templet.

    Here there are:-
    Menu 1
    Menu 2
    Menu 3
    With Sub Menu
    Error 404

    • Go to Blogger Dashboard>> Template>> Edit HTML and search “Menu 1” without quotes. Now you can see list of all menus, so simply replace each menu and its link with your own. however you can also take a look in layout section to make these changes.

      Feel free to ask if you need any more help.

  8. Yea! am doing all you are telling me well.
    In the line of editing and liking the MENUS, I have rename them. The problem now is how link them to to start working.

    • You can Simply replace links of all menus. Go to template section and search for “href=’#menu1” without quotes and now simply replace “#menu1” with your pages links. Follow this example to replace all links on your page.

  9. Yes, i have got it right, thanks so much. The big problem am having now is, how to add ad in the 970×90 ad space, i don’t have anyone to put on. if there is any one you have drop for me let me put it on.

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