10 Things You Should Know as a Web Developer

If you are a web developer you surely know that it takes a lot of factors to create a website that performs well in the market. In this competitive world, it is better to facilitate yourself with all the important elements to be a pre-eminent web developer.

On the other hand, if you are going to take web development services, make sure that they are concerned about all the below-mentioned points. Let’s figure out those 10 important things that you should know and understand as a web developer.

1- Image Optimization

Images are the most important part of any website that can have a significant impact on your website traffic. A website is enriched with various images and graphics. The main problem that developers might face is the size issue. If the size gets overly large, it will become a pressure on your website. Hence, as a developer, you should know how to do image optimization to avoid such issues or if you don’t know knowledge of it then you can hire web development services Romania to get the image optimization done for you.

2- Choose the Right Name

Have you ever seen a website with an inappropriate name that forces you not to visit it again? Most developers take this point for granted. From your domain name to the headings you choose for your site, everything should be clear, easy, and up to the goals that you need to accomplish through your website. Selecting odd names might lose a lot of traffic. People won’t be able to remember difficult names that many developers choose for the domain.

3- Basic SEO Knowledge

As a web developer, learning SEO is not something you should acquire. Still, it is better to get basic knowledge regarding Search Engine Optimization because it helps you to build a powerful site according to SEO rules. It is important to let more and more people know about your site and it can only happen if you keep in mind all the terms and conditions of SEO. A good SEO leads to maximum visitors.

4- Working of HTML

As a developer, you should have full-fledged knowledge regarding HTML (HyperText Mark-up language). Designers often prefer this language to use in a website over other languages. Hence, after developing a website, you should know how to deal with the issues that often come now and then. If you have a detailed knowledge of HTML, you can better figure out the issues that your site is dealing with and how to fix them.

5- Working of Java Script

Getting yourself up-to-date with Java Script working is another essential thing that you should learn to compete in the market as a developer. It is another essential programming language that designers often use in their websites. It is one of the most significant ways to create an interactive webpage. Javascript helps you to design a complete web application. It has enhanced the working and become beneficial on different levels.

6- Responsive web design

If the design you have developed isn’t responsive and not up to the user’s expectations, your site won’t be able to click the audience. It is essential for a developer to understand how to create a responsive web design. A responsive website revolves around a better understanding of HTML, Image optimization, website layout, and font selection. These all factors combine to make your site responsive.

7- Be Concern About Font Selection

As a developer, you surely be aware of the sensitivity of fonts used in designs. Fonts play an essential role in the failure and success of the site. Hence, you should understand which font goes best with a particular design and what should be the size of the font. Have detailed know-how regarding fonts because it will help you to choose the best one.

8- Understand Testing Strategies

Having knowledge regarding basic testing is important for every web developer to know either your site is appearing accurately. You can take a start from scratch instead of overloading yourself with so many testing techniques. Whatever link you have attached to your site, make sure they are working properly. Furthermore, ensure that every page is loading as per the requirement.

9- Understanding of browsers

The website you have designed will operate on different browsers. It is better to have a complete understanding of each browser because not every browser works the same way. The best solution to this problem is to experiment with your site on different browsers. It is how you will know how your site appears on different platforms.


10- Understand the Layout

Last but not least thing that developers should know is understanding of page layout. It is a pattern that talks about your site’s structure. It helps the owner and users to get complete information about the site. As a developer, you should have proper information about the layout.


Hence, these are the top 10 most important points that you should understand before developing any site or application. It helps to design or develop a supreme website that surely gives tough competition to competitors. Hope this guide will be helpful for every developer.

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